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Live travel alerts for Dorset

Live traffic and travel alerts for Dorset showing major closures and disruptions to your journey. Includes alerts for road, bus and rail incidents.

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Non-sporting Events
Car parks are open at 07:00 each day with gates opening at 08:00. Likely to be busy on the A354. From 2nd to 6th September.
Location: Tarrant Hinton, Dorset
Last update: 01/09/2015 13:38:04
The closure is due to essential water main repair. The A338 Bournemouth Spur Road, nearby, will also be down to one lane in each direction during this time.From 13th to 14th September.
Location: Ferndown, Dorset
Last update: 28/08/2015 14:47:36
There will be full road reconstruction, barrier replacement, bridge maintenance and drainage improvements. Expect delays. Revised timetables on bus routes 38, 4, 4a, 4b, 4c, X3, X6, 24 and 111. From 6th September to 31st May 2016.
Location: Ashley Heath, Dorset
Last update: 25/08/2015 16:31:56
Until 2nd October.
Location: Frampton, Dorset
Last update: 20/06/2015 07:38:37
Ongoing work on the roadside banks.The road through Melbury Abbas reopened to all traffic (Including HGVs) on 7 July following a long-term closure but there are now temporary lights and a reduced width. Until 6th September.
Location: Melbury Abbas, Dorset
Last update: 08/07/2015 15:35:46
Lane one (Of two) is closed for a new development and the lane markings have been altered on the approach to the junction from Westwey Road.Until 30th October.
Location: Weymouth, Dorset
Last update: 08/07/2015 14:12:13
Charminster Bridge is being demolished and replaced. There's a temporary foot bridge for pedestrians. Until 3rd October.
Location: Charminster, Dorset
Last update: 07/05/2015 09:53:57
Until 30th September.
Location: Shaftesbury, Dorset
Last update: 04/03/2015 14:29:29
Until 18th September.
Location: Alderholt, Dorset
Last update: 07/08/2015 15:17:17
Until 29th September.
Location: Ferndown, Dorset
Last update: 13/07/2015 07:17:23

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