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ClearedTraffic easing on A348 Ringwood Road both ways at B3072 Victoria Road.

Location: Ferndown, Dorset

Category: Delays

29/06/2016 09:44:43

Queueing traffic on A341 Queen Anne Drive Westbound at Canford Magna. In the roadworks area.

Location: Merley, Dorset

Category: Delays

29/06/2016 09:23:23

Delays and cancellations likely across the network on Southern between Victoria and Brighton, between Brighton and Ashford International, between Clapham Junction and Milton Keynes Central and between Southampton Central and Brighton due to staff shortage.

Southern services continue to be severely affected by train crew availability including a high level of conductor sickness, which is leading to some services being cancelled for part or all of their journey.

Location: London

Category: Operational Difficulties

29/06/2016 05:59:28

Temporary traffic lights and water main work on A35 Christchurch Road both ways at Boscombe Spa Road.

Until 1st July.

Location: Bournemouth, Dorset

Category: Roadworks

27/06/2016 17:57:44

Temporary traffic lights and roadworks on A341 Queen Anne Drive at Canford Magna.

Until 24th July.

Location: Merley, Dorset

Category: Roadworks

27/06/2016 16:59:55

Disruption on First Buses due to industrial action affecting bus services from Weymouth and Bridport depots.

Drivers are striking on the 27th, 29th of June and 1st and 3rd of July. Revised timetables are running on most with early finish or full suspension of others. Check the First Dorset website for timetable information. 27, 29 June, 1 an. From 27th June to 3rd July.

Location: Dorset

Category: Delays

24/06/2016 14:08:15

Roadworks and temporary traffic lights on A351 Valley Road near Crack Lane.

The safety barrier was damaged in an accident. Until 15th July.

Location: Harman's Cross, Dorset

Category: Roadworks

14/06/2016 20:27:04

Speed restriction of 50 mph due to roadworks on A352 around B3144 Alington Avenue.

Until 1st October 2017.

Location: Dorchester, Dorset

Category: Roadworks

31/05/2016 20:52:03

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